Do these guys look like they know what they are doing??? or what!

When you walk into The Claymore Shop, (a very high-class men’s store) in Birmingham, MI or its sister shop in Harbor Springs, MI, you’ll have one of two reactions when you see the showroom staff:

You’ll think…”Wow! This crew looks like they really know what they are doing.” Or, you’ll think…”Help! I can never look that good in my clothes.” But, don’t be intimidated. They can help you look great, too! And get your sartorial splendor level up in the 90s.

For years, their satisfied customers have told us that The Claymore Shop has recommended Arrow for clothing care. See Arrow’s testimonial page for a recent kudo by an Arrow customer. If you’re in the neighborhood, check out The Claymore Shop for high-fashion men’s wear. We don’t think that you’ll be disappointed.