Arrow employee, Marsha Jackson, featured on KSHB-TV

On April 25, at approximately 11:30 p.m. Marsha Jackson, an employee in our shirt laundry department heard a loud noise outside her home in midtown Kansas City. She knew it was bad because the house shook. When she ran outside all she saw was a big ball of metal. A man had crashed into a light pole and was completely crushed inside his car. She had no idea how many were even in the car at that point. Marsha immediately called 911 and remained on the line until the rescue crew arrived. At this point there seemed to be only one man in the car. She began talking to him to let him know that help was on the way and started praying until the paramedics arrived which was in about five minutes.

She later found out both his arms were broken, his leg crushed, pelvis broken, and he had many broken ribs and lacerations. The man’s wife said if it were not for Marsha he most likely would not have survived. He is now out of the hospital and slowly recovering.

For her charitable actions, Marsha was honored on Fox 4 news on the PAY IT FORWARD program. The photograph above shows Marsha being filmed by the television station at Arrow’s Troost Counter. We applaud Marsha and we at Arrow are very proud of her. Marsha has been a dedicated employee at Arrow for 14 years.