Arrow Fabricare introduces an amazing new product – “Urine Off”

The name says it all! UrineOff® is a pet urine removal formula that really works…effectively destroying urine, body fluid and organic stains.

UrineOff® will eliminate old stains, speed up house-pet training, and is safe around pets. It can be used on pet bedding, flooring, carriers, and clothing. The basic combo pack includes a 16 oz. ready-to-use spray bottle with LED urine finder. The finder has LED ultraviolet light that finds the source of invisible odors – finds urine you can’t see…and it is very easy to use. The finder is battery driven with an on-off switch. You simply darken the room, turn on the finder which shines an LED light. The light reveals pet stains by producing a blue fluorescent halo exposing the deposit.

Here is a customer testimonial recently received:

“Being an “animal” person, the name, Urine Off®, grabbed my attention immediately. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. Accidents are going to happen. I only wish I had found Urine Off sooner. The only room in the house that is carpeted is the guest bedroom. When my sister comes to visit and brings her brood there have been numerous accidents. I thought I was going to have to pull the carpet then Urine Off came into my hands. After one application the carpet looks good as new. The immediate results are awesome. This is by far the best product I have ever used. I recommend this to all my dog loving friends. It also removed the poop stains as well as the urine and the room smells great. Thank you Urine Off, you have a customer for life!”

Gayle P, Kansas City

The products are currently available for sale at Arrow’s 38th and Troost counter and will shortly be available on for online purchase.

The prices of the products are:

  • Multi-Pet Combo Pack – A 500 ml spray with the LED UrineFinder included – $24.95
  • Urine Finder – sold separately – $12.95
  • 500 ml spray bottle – sold separately – $11.95
  • 32 oz. Carpet Treatment with injector cap – $11.95

Larger bulk sizes are also available.