Arrow performs miracles cleaning and restoring handbags

Every week, Arrow brings back to life, gorgeous handbags that appear to have lived a pretty ‘rough’ life. They arrive looking worn-out and seemingly not worth the effort. But, every week Arrow creates more miracles in cleaning and restoration of bags that the owners had practically given up on.

Here’s an example of their gratitude and appreciation in the words of a good Arrow customer:

“I received my Miu Miu handbag back from Arrow Care…and the new “shade” is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for your attention and guidance, even after hours, on how to restore her to beautiful condition. It is so wonderful to feel comfortable sending my most precious leather goods to you; I wouldn’t trust anyone else.With the rich new tobacco color and the perfect condition, I truly feel as if I got a whole new bag out of this! Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you and your company again in the future.”

Best regards, Christine S. – Houston, TX