Arrow played a small role in the 1938 Kentucky Derby

Overlooking Corinth Shopping Center at Somerset and Mission Road in Prairie Village is the final resting place of the Kentucky Derby winner of 1938…Larwin.

This splendid horse was owned and stabled at Woolford Farm on this property which remained until the early 70s. The estate was owned by the son of the founder of Woolf Brothers Clothing company. A condominium complex now occupies the acreage, but Larwin’s cemetery space is still preserved there (see photo to the left) as a tiny monument to this sports history icon.

Famous jockey, Eddie Arcaro was the rider on Larwin for this Derby win. And there in lies the connection to Arrow Fabricare Services. Bob Gershon, chairman emeritus of Arrow recalls that Arrow was the dry cleaner for the uniform worn by Arcaro in this Derby win.