Arrow was recently cited as among the top ten dry cleaners in Kansas City

We are grateful to the “Kansas City Top 10” website for listing Arrow as one of the best in Kansas City. It’s nice to receive public recognition of this by others.

Naturally we think we are number #1…far and away the best. We get many, many letters of praise and thanks from our customers that convince us that our clientele considers us #1 also. Here’s a recent example:

“Dear Arrow Leather Care: A few years ago I sent you a fine leather toiletries bag that I had spilled olive oil all over. I sent it for your cleaning services because it had sentimental value to me, not because I expected that it could be restored. It was a mess. When you returned it to me it was not only perfect but actually better than new. You had not only cleaned all the oil off perfectly but you also coated it with something so to this day it still looks new.Recently I bought a magnificent Italian leather jacket. The first time I wore it, it somehow got some kind of oil all over the back, from top to bottom. I was horrified and called Bob and Susie (at your plant) to tell them about it. They were both so sympathetic and assuring that it could probably be cleaned that I sent it off to Arrow. It just came back in perfect condition. This is really amazing since the cleaning process changed the color of the trim and the buttons. You re-dyed the leather trim to perfectly match the jacket color and changed the buttons and sewed them on professionally, just as the designed had. And your charges were quite reasonable.Living in New York City, you get pretty spoiled with the services that are available, but I don’t think I could find a leather care service as good as Arrow here or anywhere in the U.S.In an age when “service companies” are offering less and less, true service, your personalized services stands out and stand alone with the very best.Thank you for being there for me.”

Kindest regards, James. R. – New York, NY