Check into Arrow’s “ON-SITE” Drapery and Window Treatment Cleaning

Arrow Drapery can clean any type of window covering in any configuration right where it hangs, including:

Swags, Jabots, Balloons
Cornices, Valances
Pleated Shades, Fabric Shades
Blackout Drapes
Sun-Damaged or Fragile Materials
Vertical Blinds and Top Treatments


We GUARANTEE no shrinkage, no damage and no loss of sizing, resins or flame retardant.
We offer spray application of soil guards, flame retardants, deodorants, etc.

DRAPES ARE CLEANED WHERE THEY HANG No need for time consuming and costly removal and rehanging of draperies. No “down time”.

  • NO TOXICITY/NO ODOR – No fear of allergy flare-ups or other problems from toxic chemicals
  • FIREPROOFING IS RETAINED – No need for costly re-fireproofing of drapes and other fabrics.
  • NO LOSS OF RESINS OR SIZING – Draperies keep their original shape and stay looking like new longer. no more limp buckrams.
  • TOBACCO AND OTHER ODORS VANISH – Freshness is restored to the drapes and to the room

Since the ON-SITE method cleans your draperies where they hang, they are not soaked and twisted in solution as in regular in-plant dry cleaning. This means no shrinkage and no damage to your valuable draperies and other fabrics WE CLEAN ANY TYPE OF WINDOW COVERING This includes blackout drapes, fabric blinds and shades. Conventional dry cleaning methods can ruin rubber blackout draperies. WE OFFER A TAKE DOWN AND RE-HANG SERVICE If you are remodeling, painting, etc., we will bring your drapes/window treatments into our plant, clean and store them.

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