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From visiting friends and family to running errands, our clothes take us everywhere. It’s no wonder, then, that life happens to our clothes.

Traditional home washing can only go so far, there’s nothing better for your clothes than professional dry cleaning. In Kansas City, there’s only one dry cleaner that has over 100 years of experience providing customers with industry-leading service.

Serving Kansas City Since 1914

Arrow Fabricare Knows Cleaning Clothes

Whether you’ve trusted us with your family’s dry cleaning for decades or are coming in for the first time, you can rest assured knowing that Arrow will give your clothes the deep clean they need to look like new again. With our breadth of experience and available clothing care services, your closet has never been in better hands.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Dry Cleaning in Kansas City

We don’t only clean your clothes, though. Arrow provides a variety of additional services to support, repair, restore, and preserve your wardrobe.

Leather & Fur

Arrow is America's leading fur, suede, and leather cleaner. We are the nationally recommended expert in virtually all types of fur care and leather repair, cleaning, and restoration.


Formalwear & couture come with a variety of care needs that aren't necessarily covered by traditional dry cleaning services. Thank goodness we're not traditional dry cleaners.

Bridal Cleaning & Preservation

Bridal garments are not only valuable but often require incredible attention to detail and skill to clean properly & safely. Arrow Fabricare's team of expert dry cleaners is equipped to tackle your most treasured items.

Alterations & Reweaving

Full service alterations are available in house. Our seamstresses will take care of everything from a missing button to custom fitting your Wedding Gown.

Our environmental impact

Arrow Greencare

For many years, Arrow has made our environmental impact a targeted area of improvement and investment. Through eco-friendly cleaning agents, recyclable packaging, and the operations of our delivery service.

Why Arrow?

Nationwide Service

Arrow Fabricare is equipped to service clients from all across the United States. No matter what you need and where you are, Arrow has your back.

Industry-Leading Experience

Arrow sets the industry standard for quality garment and home textile dry cleaning. Don’t settle for any old dry cleaner—turn to the dry cleaning experts that you can count on to treat your garment right.

Legacy of Excellence

With over 100 years of cleaning under our belt, we know how to best service your clothes. And we have decades of happy customers who can confirm that Arrow cares.

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Turn to the textile team with over a century of experience deep-cleaning your laundry and serving your community.


Dry Cleaning FAQs

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothing and textiles without the use of water. Even though it doesn’t sound like it, Dry cleaning allows garments to be safely cared for in an efficient and thorough manner without losing their shape or integrity.

Our dry cleaning process uses environmentally friendly solvents and methods to lift stains and deodorize items that would typically be damaged by washing in water. We strive to use newer technologies such as wet cleaning and have a committed focus to recycling and using recyclable inputs in all of areas of the business to reduce our footprint on the environment.

When in doubt check the tag. If it says Dry Clean Only it means it. If you’re unsure, items that are made up of or contain natural animal fibers like wool, leather or fur should never be cleaned at home. Some man made fabrics that are extremely sensitive such as Acetate, Rayon, and Polyester should also be professionally cleaned to keep the garment’s longevity and fabric quality. Or if you’re concerned about an item shrinking or losing shape via traditional home cleaning methods our specialists will make sure it is cared for exactly how it needs to be.

We don’t recommend dry cleaning at home. The dry cleaning process requires specialized equipment and solvents that are not readily available to consumers. As a result, potential alternatives not only won’t be as effective, they may even damage your garments. That’s why you should turn to the professionals at Arrow Fabricare!

Dry cleaning can remove many types of stains, but it may not be able to remove all types of stains. So, the answer to this question is complicated. Let your dry cleaner know what type of stain is on the garment so we can use the appropriate treatment to give you the highest likelihood of a successful cleaning the first time around.


Our turn around times are also dependent on the item(s) you send in. Below is a table of our general cleaning times based on department. Keep in mind item(s) which require special attention will extend the return date. You can check on the status of your order and ask questions at any time through your Personal Portal.

Clothing Households Bridal Leathers/Furs Alterations
3-7 days* 3 Weeks 2  Weeks 2  Weeks 3  Weeks

*Item’s dropped off at our Front Counter have a standard 7 day turn around. Item’s collected through our Valet Pick Up & Delivery service will be returned on the 3rd day.

The frequency of dry cleaning depends on how often the clothes are worn and how soiled they become. As a general rule, it is best to dry clean clothes only when necessary to prevent damage to the fabric.

Men’s laundered shirts are able to be pressed by a Shirt Unit vs. hand pressed. These state-of-the-art units allow us to process men’s laundered shirts, which generally are larger and less fitted than women’s shirts,  much more efficiently allowing us to charge less for them. Prices at Dry Cleaners are normally determined by the amount of labor involved, so anything hand pressed will always cost more.