KMBZ Radio Sponsors a remote broadcast from Arrow Fabricare’s lobby

Friday morning, November 20th, the bright red remote broadcasting van showed up on Arrow’s doorstep. A large contingent of KMBZ personnel were on hand to assist Arrow customer’s who arrived to donate coats for indigent Kansas City schoolchildren. Last year over 11,000 coats were cleaned and distributed by Arrow and others.

Shown below are Kansas City, Kansas schools’ representative, Theresa Van Goethen along with Andrew Dunlap and John Frierdich, sales promotion personnel at KMBZ 980 radio.

Arrow customer, Anna Wenzel, arrived with her cleaning and joined in with the staff for coffee and donuts. It was a lot of fun, and we hope by the end of the day many coats will be collected due to KMBZ’s on-air broadcasts frequently during the day. Also in the photo, KMBZ on-air personality, Scott Parks is shown in conversation with KMBZ’s remote engineer, Dave Rhodes (not shown).











Thanks to KMBZ for stopping by to visit with us!