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Cleaning a leather or fur garment is quite different from a fabric garment. Each piece is different, from the finish down to the stitching. That’s why you need a dry cleaner who knows how to care for the items you love.


Arrow is America’s leading fur, suede, and leather cleaner.

We are the nationally recommended expert in virtually all types of fur care and leather repair, cleaning, and restoration. If you can wear it, we can clean it.

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When it comes to cleaning leather & fur garments, we don’t recommend conventional dry cleaning. Unlike most fabrics, each leather and fur piece is unique, and requires its own special solutions and processes depending on its construction, leather type, finish, and color. Conventional dry cleaners are not all equipped to treat these items, and can struggle to clean them effectively, or worse, damage the item longterm. That’s what sets Arrow apart.

Arrow’s Leather & Fur division has decades of experience providing cleaning solutions to specialty material garments from customers all over the country. Our list of services includes:

Leather Repair, Cleaning, Restoration

Fur Restoration, Cleaning, Preservation

Leather & Fur Storage

Our Leather & Fur Care Process


Prior to the cleaning process, we pre-treat every leather & fur item that enters our warehouse. This means identifying the item, consulting our leather and fur specialists to determine the exact care needs of the garment, and then labeling it for easy processing & tracking. 


Before we even begin washing your leather or fur garment, we take the time necessary to tackle smaller cleaning details for more comprehensive results.


Our steaming process is vital for removing unwanted debris or grime from the surface of leather garments and the tread of leather, fur, or suede boots. This helps tackle issues that traditional wet-cleaning alone would be less effective at treating.


A crucial part of successful leather & fur cleaning is the removal of oil stains and residues such as those found on collars. Our brushing process uses powerful, safe solvents to break down any type of stain without impacting the color of integrity of the material. This leaves your garments stripped of stains and residue prior to the washing process. As a result, you never have to worry about damage setting during the cleaning process.

Wet Cleaning

Once the garment has been pre-spotted, we wash it using specialized formulas specifically designed to treat leather and fur items. Depending on the needs of your garment, these formulas will be adjused for optimum care results. Our washing process is optimized to prevent overheating garments, meaning you get all the stain-blasting power of an industrial-grade wash with none of the long-term damage to the integrity of your leather items.


Many leather and fur garments can stretch as we wear them, so it's important to know that our washing process naturally results in garments contracting back to their original size. That's why, as we dry your leather or fur item, we make sure to ply and fit your garment to form before we allow it to fully dry. Once shaped, we leave those items to dry naturally for the next 24-36 hours.


Our professional fur cleaning, leather care, and leather repair service also includes the careful restoration of color and texture that can be lost as a natural consequence of the cleaning process. We finish off our restoration by retreating all leather & fur garments to perfectly match their correct coloring, luster, and feel.

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Leather & Fur Care FAQs

Yes, leather and fur can be dry cleaned, but they require specialized cleaning techniques and equipment. Arrow Fabricare is a leading provider of leather repair and cleaning nationwide, and has the tools necessary to fully care for your leather, fur, & suede items.

The frequency of dry cleaning for leather and fur depends on how often the item is worn and the amount of soil and grime on the item. Generally, we recommend you clean commonly worn leather and fur items once a year or more, depending on staining or garment wear & tear.

We do not recommend washing your leather, fur, or suede items at home. The specialized cleaning process required for leather and fur should be done by a professional dry cleaner—like Arrow Fabricare!

Like any garment, if not handled appropriately, yes, leather and fur can be damaged during the dry cleaning process. Though this risk only exists if the cleaners lack the experience and tools to care for leather, fur, or suede items. That’s why it is important to choose a dry cleaner who specializes in leather repair, like Arrow Fabricare.

To maintain leather and fur items between cleanings, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid hanging them in a closet for long periods of time, as this can cause creases and damage to the item.

The time it takes to dry clean leather, fur, & suede items depends on the size of the item and the amount of soil and grime on the item. Typically, you can expect it to take about 2-3 weeks to clean and condition a leather or fur item.