New, easy to use online shipping form

After many years of countless phone conversations with our customers, explaining our shipping process, we decided it was time to upgrade to today’s latest technology. We have officially launched our new online, step by step shipping process. We believe this new online shipping process will provide our customers with the easiest experience possible, while in turn helping us obtain the information we need in a secure, seamless process that will help us handle their orders more efficently! Of course it took longer than we expected, but that is normal when it comes to upgrading to today’s cutting edge technology, and we believe the extra effort will be worth it in the long run.

The process still offers two options for our customers. The first which is to print off a free FedEx shipping label, and use their own box to ship the garment to us. The second option is to request a free mailing bag with a free FedEx shipping label to use in shipping their garments in. Obviously, the first option will allow for faster service, as they can ship their garment the same day they fill out the form. If they do not have access to shipping materials, and don’t mind waiting a few more days to to receive their mailing bag, the second option might be better.

Either way, customers will now be guided through a step by step process that combines the requesting a shipping label, with the process of telling us about the services being requested, and providing the information needed to set up their account. The customer will receive an email confirmation, and we will receive a copy of the email alerting us to the incoming shipment.