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Seasonal Clothes Storage in Kansas City

Saving Your seasonal items

Let’s face it—not all clothes are meant to be worn all year. No matter how beautiful, these items sit in our closets unused, taking up space and stressing us out.

We provide comprehensive cleaning services for seasonal garments and outerwear. Many of these items have specialized care instructions and require dry cleaning to keep them in pristine condition.

Not content to just clean your clothes, we also offer storage services for season garments you’re unlikely to wear year-round. Once cleaned, we can then store your seasonal clothes at our climate-controlled storage facility to protect them from elements or insects!

Serving Kansas City Since 1914

Arrow Fabricare Specializes in Seasonal Garments

Whether you’ve trusted us with your family’s dry cleaning for decades or are coming in for the first time, you can rest assured knowing that Arrow will give your coats, jackets, and other seasonal clothes the care they need to look great and last for years. Our comprehensive certifications and cleaning solvent inventory make us the ideal partners for dry cleaning and seasonal clothes storage in Kansas City.

Garments We Service & Store

Coats & Raincoats


Fur & Leather Garments

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Ponchos & Shawls

Blazers & Jackets

Mittens & Gloves


Why Arrow?

Nationwide Service

Arrow Fabricare is equipped to service clients from all across the United States. No matter what you need and where you are, Arrow has your back.

Industry-Leading Experience

Arrow sets the industry standard for quality garment and home textile dry cleaning. Don’t settle for any old dry cleaner—turn to the dry cleaning experts that you can count on to treat your garment right.

Legacy of Excellence

With over 100 years of cleaning under our belt, we know how to best service your clothes. And we have decades of happy customers who can confirm that Arrow cares.

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Seasonal Storage FAQs

Seasonal clothes storage is a service offered by Arrow Fabricare where customers can store their out-of-season clothing items in a safe and secure facility. This service is ideal for those who have limited storage space at home or for those who want to protect their clothes from damage, such as from insects, mold, or dust.

Arrow Fabricare can store a variety of clothing items, including suits, dresses, coats, jackets, sweaters, and more. However, they cannot store items made of fur or leather, as these materials require specific storage conditions.

You can store your clothes with Arrow Fabricare for as long as you need, whether in a few months or years. They offer flexible storage plans to fit your needs.

Arrow Fabricare uses a climate-controlled storage facility to protect your clothes from temperature and humidity fluctuations. They also use specialized storage containers to protect your clothes from dust and insects.

The cost of seasonal clothes storage varies depending on how much clothing you need to store and the length of time you need to store it. Arrow Fabricare offers flexible storage plans to fit your budget.