An especially nice testimonial received this week

Dear Arrow Team,

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the job you did on my leather Remy Lite jacket. I have had that jacket for 10 plus years. It was absolutely my favorite jacket. And it was a mess. It needed a new liner, pockets, cuff replacement, etc. I was ready to throw it out. I actually went and bought a new Remy to replace my old one. In the course of the transaction I became aware of your company by one of the sales staff.

On a lark I called your staff figuring maybe you can make it wearable and I can use it while I paint the house or something (LOL). I am so glad to have found you. My jacket came back looking fantastic. It was an amazing transformation. Bob, thank you for calling me and telling me about some of the things I had missed that needed attention and then getting them fixed. I am so appreciative.
My experience with your company, Arrow Fabricare, was great. My expectations we exceeded. Many thanks to all involved. I am a fan and will be sending more things in the near future. I am also telling all my friends.

You know I can count on one hand the number of letters like this I have written in my life. It is not a very common occurrence for me. So if there was ever a case where a “well done” was deserved this was it. I am so happy!!!!

Peter C., New York, New York Posted by Another point of view!