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Dry Cleaning Process in Kansas City

Detail-Oriented Dry Cleaning

Arrow Fabricare is paving the way with our environmentally conscious, results-driven dry cleaning process in Kansas City.

We use advanced cleaning technology and eco-friendly detergents to deliver superior cleaning results while reducing environmental impact. Garments are inspected and treated individually for optimal care, and we ensure every stitch and every rinse are in the best interest of your clothes. In short, we care for your fabrics right.

Serving Kansas City Since 1914

Cleaning Your clothes right, the first time

Whether you’ve trusted us with your family’s dry cleaning for decades or are coming in for the first time, you can rest assured knowing that Arrow will give your clothes the deep clean they need to look like new again. With our breadth of experience and available clothing care services, your closet has never been in better hands.

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Our Process

Comprehensive Dry Cleaning in Kansas City

We don’t only clean your clothes, though. Arrow provides a variety of additional services to support, repair, restore, and preserve your wardrobe.


The first stop for your order is in detailing. Our team inspects, catalogs & photographs each piece we receive. A brief description includes establishing fabric type, color, pattern & designer and identifying imperfections. Finally, detailing and embellishments are temporarily removed in preparation for cleaning.

Minor Repairs

During detailing, our experts note any minor repairs that may need carrying out. Based on your profile preferences, our in-house alterations department can secure hems, attend to open seams, correct loose buttons, and reinstate missing features.

Stain Removal

Your item is then moved to our PreSpotting experts. Stain removal is one of the benchmarks of our process. Although our cleaning process will eradicate most minor stains, stains such as coffee, oil, or ink will require removal before being transferred to the wash team. Once identified, our skilled experts work diligently to remove these as gently as possible. This department often needs additional time to ensure your item is returned in immaculate condition.


The Cleaning process then begins. Our experts evaluate materials, construction, and detailing to pinpoint whether hand-cleaning, laundering, or dry cleaning is the most suitable treatment. All cleaning is performed with the gentlest non-toxic, hypoallergenic chemicals and solvents on the market.


Once your item is fresh and spotlessly clean, it moves on to finishing. An essential part of ensuring your shirts, dresses, and home textiles look impeccable after cleaning, our finishing experts once again evaluate the item to ensure best practices are employed. This includes pressing, steaming, or hand finishing, all based on the item’s needs and your personal preferences.


Your item’s final destination is a formal inspection. Orders are checked for overall cleanliness, appearance, and the quality of any repair work. This ensures that every item entrusted to our care is returned to you in the impeccable condition you expect from Arrow Cleaners.

Our environmental impact

Arrow Greencare

For many years, Arrow has made our environmental impact a targeted area of improvement and investment. Through eco-friendly cleaning agents, recyclable packaging, and the operations of our delivery service.

To learn more about our Arrow GreenCare℠ program, contact us at 816.931.2452 or online today!

Why Arrow?

Nationwide Service

Arrow Fabricare is equipped to service clients from all across the United States. No matter what you need and where you are, Arrow has your back.

Industry-Leading Experience

Arrow sets the industry standard for quality garment and home textile dry cleaning. Don’t settle for any old dry cleaner—turn to the dry cleaning experts that you can count on to treat your garment right.

Legacy of Excellence

With over 100 years of cleaning under our belt, we know how to best service your clothes. And we have decades of happy customers who can confirm that Arrow cares.

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Dry Cleaning Process FAQs

Care Label Symbols are required by law for your information to help you make informed garment purchase decisions. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires manufacturers to attach a permanent label to textile garments that provide directions for their care.

According to law, manufacturers and importers must list at least one method of safe care for a garment. The label must warn about any part of the recommended care method that would harm the garment or other garments being laundered or dry cleaned. It must also warn when there is no method for cleaning a garment without damaging it. It also requires that the label be easily found and remain legible during the garment’s useful life.

Woolsilkrayon, and acetate fabrics are at the top of the list.

Also, any fabrics trimmed in suede or leather or fur, any fabric with feathers, fancy beading, pearls, rhinestones or glittery/shiny decorations such as sequins and mirrors, fine “designer” knit suits and, nearly all sweaters (because they need to be blocked).

No! In fact, dry cleaning can extend the life of your clothing. Food and beverage spills or tiny crumbs will attract insect damage unless the garment is dry cleaned. A study conducted by a large eastern university found that wool fabric was unaffected by repeated dry cleanings. The series of solvent cleanings did cause some minor color changes. Colors will change if the original dye lot is not colorfast or may be noticed if matching pieces are cleaned with different solvents.

Drycleaning means your garments are immersed or machine “washed” in a solvent mixture designed to prevent harm to natural fibers such as silk and wool. After the cleaning, the solvent is extracted, taking the soil with it. Clothes are then dried and pressed. Wet cleaning may be a solvent-and-water process or water-and-commercial detergent. Again, the clothes are dried and then pressed. Fancy detail work is always hand-pressed at Arrow.