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Read the following for our top FAQs to learn more about our process and how we provide the best service possible. For more detailed information be sure to visit our service pages.

General Questions

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothing and textiles without the use of water. Even though it doesn’t sound like it, Dry cleaning allows garments to be safely cared for in an efficient and thorough manner without losing their shape or integrity.

Our dry cleaning process uses environmentally friendly solvents and methods to lift stains and deodorize items that would typically be damaged by washing in water. We strive to use newer technologies such as wet cleaning and have a committed focus to recycling and using recyclable inputs in all of areas of the business to reduce our footprint on the environment.

When in doubt check the tag. If it says Dry Clean Only it means it. If you’re unsure, items that are made up of or contain natural animal fibers like wool, leather or fur should never be cleaned at home. Some man made fabrics that are extremely sensitive such as Acetate, Rayon, and Polyester should also be professionally cleaned to keep the garment’s longevity and fabric quality. Or if you’re concerned about an item shrinking or losing shape via traditional home cleaning methods our specialists will make sure it is cared for exactly how it needs to be.

Absolutely not. If there is a stain on your garment, especially one with a Dry Clean Only label, trying to remove it at home can make it worse or impossible for us to get out at all. Be sure to let us know about the stain. When, where and what it is will give us the best chance of removing it.

Cleaning costs are dependent on the item itself. While most orders will fall under our standard price table there are several factors our detailers take into consideration when inspecting your item and then directing it to the correct department for cleaning. Couture brands, no matter the item, always require special care and finishing due to fabric contents and design elements. Other reasons your item may not fall under our standard pricing would be if it required special attention due to decorative elements, an overall delicate state due to age or fabric itself and heavy or difficult to remove staining. If you would like a Quote for a specific item click on the GET A QUOTE button on the top of your screen. We’d be happy to help you!

Similar to cost variances our turn around times are also dependent on the item(s) you send in. Below is a table of our general cleaning times based on department. Keep in mind item(s) which require special attention will extend the return date. You can check on the status of your order and ask questions at any time through your Personal Portal.

Clothing Households Bridal Leathers/Furs Alterations
3-7 days* 3 Weeks 2  Weeks 2  Weeks 3  Weeks

*Item’s dropped off at our Front Counter have a standard 7 day turn around. Item’s collected through our Valet Pick Up & Delivery service will be returned on the 3rd day.

We have (3) convenient options for you to utilize our services. Get started by creating an account

1. Our Most Popular Valet Pickup and Delivery service. Professional cleaning for residents of the Kansas City Metro area right from your doorstep. Click HERE for more information and to see if we service your neighborhood.

2. Counter Service at our main production facility 3838 Troost Ave, Kansas City MO 64109. For directions and current hours click HERE.

3. Mail Order. For those customers who do not live in the Kansas City Area please visit our Mail Order Page for instructions on how to send in your order.


Although it is rare, being that we process thousands of pieces a week, issues do arise from time to time. We ask that you first visit our Terms & Conditions page and review our issue resolution section. Then, if applicable, fill out an Issue Report Form. An associate will be in touch via email with you within 1-2 business days to discuss your issue with you.

We’ve made it very easy to keep in touch and get your answers fast. Skip the phone tree, voicemails and hold time and send your inquiries directly through your Personal Portal message board. Associates are available Monday thru Saturday to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Valet Pick Up & Delivery Questions

You can go to www.www.arrowfabricare.com and create an account anytime. If you have any trouble you can always call us at 816-231-4123 and we can get you signed up over the phone.

You can ABSOLUTELY use us only once, or once in awhile. Our system is set up for on-demand dry cleaning service. We are here to serve you! Just text us to ask for a dry cleaning pick up whenever you are ready.

Your pick up and delivery days depend on the area of the city you live in. Customers will designated two available service days each week, with no commitment. We just ask you to let us know when you would like us to stop in.

Unfortunately, we are not able to do faster service for an extra fee at this time. We do have several locations throughout the metro that can assist you with same-day service if necessary!

If you drop your items off in the store, you will have to pick them up in the store. If you have an emergency you can always call us and we can work something out.

NO! Our fees are the same if you come into any of our stores, or if we pick up and deliver to your home.

There is no minimum charge for our delivery service at this time.

A credit card on file is required to set up an account.

At this time, we are not charging a fee if the customer forgets to put the bag out. If it becomes a regular issue we will contact you to try to figure out a better solution.

Great question! The first time you drop something off with us you can put any type of bag out. (trash bag, grocery bag, another type of laundry bag). If it is something reusable we will return it with your delivery, along with one of our bags for use in the future. Please make sure your name and cell phone number are inside the bag for the first time. The bag you get back from us will have your information on a bag tag.

Please call us directly at 816-231-4123 and someone will be able to help you! We love any feedback you can give us about our website as it is getting upgraded all the time to make it more convenient for our customers.