Anichini Testimonial

Anichini sends kudos for the work of our Blanc Plume Fine French Laundry subsidiary.

Think sublime style, unstinting details, old-world craftsmanship. The charm of classic lines and modern style. Sensuous textures and saturated colors that dress your home, your life. This is the essence of ANICHINI.

The company, founded 26 years ago, has emerged to become the most prestigious brand of luxury textiles and home furnishings. In an era where the word “luxury” is used to describe everything from a bus ride to a bottle of shampoo, ANICHINI has raised the bar on the definition of “luxury” with textiles that are the ultimate in opulence and craftsmanship.

Anichini sends some of its beautifully designed and manufactured items to Blanc Plume for our special French Laundry care. They like our work. Here’s a sample:

“Connie, I cannot believe how beautiful the pillows are that you returned. Please tell Bruce. I am sending more today and will blog about it soon. You have a great service and company.”- Susan Dollemeier, Founder