Arrow answers some recent questions

Q. What do I do about mold and mildew on my leather jacket?

A. Arrow has very effective methods for complete mold and mildew removal for leather garments depending on the type of leather, and the finish, i.e. grain, suede, full aniline, cow, pig, lamb, etc. It sounds as though, your garment has been in a warm moist area, that has promoted the mold growth. Proper storage after cleaning would be a cool, dry, dark place, hung in a breathable bag. We recommend that you take advantage of our free in-bound shipping so we can look at it and give you an estimate for bringing your precious garment back to health. You can purchase Arrow Leathercare custom “breathable” garment bags for leather and fur in our online store.

Q. I sent my varsity jacket to a local dry cleaner and it came back noticeably shrunk. Is there anything that you can do?

A. We clean hundreds of varsity jackets every year, and don’t have any trouble at all with shrinkage. If you would like to send us one of your jackets, we would be happy to re-stretch, and block the body for you to the proper size. Please check our webpages.