Arrow Fire Division ends season of Chiefs tailgate parties with another win.

Several score party-goers attended the 5th and final tailgate sponsored by Arrow Fire and Water Restoration Dry Cleaning. The review of those attending was that it was “a win!”….giving Arrow a 5 & 0 season of Arrow’s Arrowhead parking lot fun and food. We were very pleased to receive from Hy-Vee grocers, a major Chiefs sponsor, their Chiefs/HyVee Tailgate of the Week award. HyVee put us up on the Jumbotron.

We were all very proud of the home team as it reached an 8 and 4 season yesterday at the stadium, with high hopes for an excellent break-out season under the new Chief’s management, staff and players. Brad Gershon, Arrow marketing, said “this was so much fun this year. I’m sure that we will be doing it next year also. Our many thanks to our customers, suppliers and vendors who joined us this season for the fun and games.”

So, now it’s in the hands of the Chiefs to continue their new-found and most-appreciated… WINNING WAYS!!!.