ArrowCares™ – It’s our slogan and we truly mean it

You’ve no doubt heard of 3G and 4G telecommunication networks as the latest thing. Well the equipment shown in the photographs above and below is 5G in the dry cleaning business. Arrow recently installed this new machine, manufactured in Italy, in order to provide our customers with the very best in dry clean processing and service.

This behemoth (shown below from the reverse side) brings a new level of efficiency and speed that improves our service and improves our dry cleaning quality in difficult-to-clean garments. This is our ongoing goal….providing Arrow’s customers with the best!

An interesting part of this Arrow expansion story is a current study by The American Dry Cleaner Magazine, an influential publication in the industry that says that 45.7% of drycleaners responding to a survey say they plan to build or renovate a plant or store in the next year — and many will spend substantial amounts of money to do so. This is an amazing statistic when one considers that many dry cleaners are having a rough year (not Arrow…thankfully), some with substantial decreases in their revenue. We belong to a resilient community of business people and Arrow is proud to be a national leader.