At Home Leather Care Advice from Bruce Gershon, owner of Arrow Fabricare


 I get lots of questions every day through our contact form on the arrowcare website. Many of them are about our services, but some are about how people can better care for their own items until they need our professional care.  Here are just a few of them I thought I would share with you. 
Question #1

Could you please give me the name of a leather care product to treat my Schott leather bomber jacket to keep it in good shape?
I would also appreciate any and all suggestions on how to care for the jacket.
Thank you

Thank you for your inquiry.  At the risk of sounding like my Google Home Mini; I am going to need more information. Perhaps if you could attach a couple of pictures of your garment I will be able to give you a more informed answer. In other words, there are many different jackets from Schott, made from many skins, in different colors and finishes and a picture will help me.

Thank you! That’s more like it! What you have is a Napa shearling, meaning the normally suede side of the skins have a finish on them to make them look like smooth or grain leather. We have a product that we spray on them especially the worn and faded areas that restores the finish. Unfortunately, we do not sell that product because of the way it needs to be applied. You should store it on a wide shoulder hanger, and keep it in a breathable bag. The only product we offer for sale to consumers is our Water Repel spray which will help protect your jacket if you get caught in the rain or a wet snow.  You can find it on our website and here is the link :  When it needs our professional care, please feel free to send it to my attention.

Question #2

I purchased this coat at Overland. What products do you sell that I can use to protect and clean it? I live in Wisconsin.

That is a beautiful coat that you have purchased, and there is one product we sell that I would highly recommend to use to protect it, our WaterRepel but we don’t sell anything to use to clean it other than the service we provide. You can find our products at  I would recommend that you purchase several of the WaterRepel as it will not only help protect the leather, but make it easier to clean when the time comes for professional cleaning.

Question #3

Hello. This is an expensive womens “i santi” wallet shipped from Italy I just received today. I was so excited about this purchase until I saw these flaws in good daylight as pictured on back of wallet. There’s also the same type flaws on front to a lesser degree. I don’t know if it’s scuff marks, discoloration, or oxidation? It’s a never used vintage item estimated to be 25 years or older. I would like to keep it. Do you think the leather care you sell would help it, or do I need to send it in to you for repair ? If so, do you have an estimate. Thank you

Just judging from the pictures it does look like something that would be much improved using one of our products. You can use either the Cream or the Lotion. Both are good; the lotion will moisturize, but the cream will offer a bit more protection. Go to

Question #4

Hello, I have a Schott brand leather flight jacket (SKU 594) that I want to make sure I take good care of. I contacted Jerri Reyes at Schott and she referred me to you.
What kind of maintenance/care do you recommend for this jacket? Is there a way to weatherproof/waterproof it without altering the look/tone?

That is a great looking jacket, and you are smart to inquire about it’s care. We sell a product on our website that I would highly recommend, which is our Arrow Water Repel. It will not make your jacket water proof, but it will make it water repellant, and it won’t change the color, hand or feel of the leather and it isn’t sticky feeling like some silicone leather water repellents I’ve sampled.
If you send it to us initially, we will give it a spray booth dose (a full 8 oz), and then you can order some of our aerosol water repel to maintain it. We recommend it for all suede, nubuck, and full aniline leathers.