Can The Sun Damage My Leather Handbag???

We get this question all the time and the answer is YES.

Leather is just like your skin. Too much exposure to direct sunlight will dry out and damage leather. It can cause the bag to discolor and fade. It is important to keep your designer handbag out of direct sunlight when ever possible. When storing your bag, it is best to keep it away from sunlight to protect it from damage. We suggest storing it in a in a cloth dust cover off the floor in closet.

You can help protect you handbag from day to day damage by using a leather moisturizer. We recommend Arrow Leathercare’s Fine Leather Lotion. It will clean, polish and protect your leather handbag.

So what do you do if your handbag has suffered severe color loss from sun damage? You can bring or mail your handbag into Arrow.–shipping.html

We specialize in leather handbag color restoration. We can give your favorite handbag our “Handbag Spa Treatment” and have it looking brand new.