Continually Striving to get Greener

From Bruce Gershon, CEO of Arrow.

“In my ever continuing effort to go green, while at the same time paying attention to Arrow’s bottom line, I recently filled out a survey from my friends a Western Extralite. In this survey, I learned about ways to properly dispose of and re-cycle spent florescent tubes, and that there were programs available to take advantage of rebates from KCP&L, if we were to consider upgrading the lighting in our buildings.

“As I began to research the different lighting options, I learned that we could really improve the overall quality of our lighting, and at the same time save energy. Western Extralite, the electrical contractor and I walked our entire facility, we discussed my goals and priorities, the new lighting fixture options, and how they would improve the quality of our lighting. The next step was to contract for a thorough scientific evaluation of the lighting in our facility. Western, together with the contractor, KC One Service Company, crunched the numbers and prepared a proposal with three different options for the project. The first option was clearly the winner; in fact it was a “no brainer”. It called for replacing nearly every light fixture with new energy efficient fixtures that would provide better, more consistent lighting, at less than half of the energy cost.

“Another amazing thing that came of the study was that by using this new technology, we would end up with over 100 fewer fixtures, which would also save on the installation costs for the project. We then submitted our application to KCP&L for the rebate, signed off on the proposal, and materials were ordered.
“The project is now 100% complete, and the results are amazing, there is a day and night difference. The newly lit areas look brighter and cleaner and the staff even seems more cheerful! The investment was significant, but after the KCP&L rebate, along with the projected energy savings, it pencils out to a two year return on investment….what a deal!

We get greener, brighter, cleaner, happier, and save money to boot!”