How Do We Maintain The Quality of Our Professional Shirt Laundry?

At Arrow we have founded our business on superior quality and integrity.  For a little over 100 years, we have continued to carry that message into every facet of our business including our Professional Shirt Laundry. Every shirt and blouse must pass the final inspector’s question: “ Would I be proud to wear this garment?”

In order to maintain that level of professionalism and consistency, Arrow believes in continual training and education. Throughout the year, Arrow brings in Liz Davies, a dry cleaning consultant, to help us with continuous process improvement on our shirt units, and re-training our shirt pressers. When Liz comes in, she works one on one with employees to improve production, technique and quality. We are always happy to see Liz come in the facility. She has an honest, hardworking approach. She comes in and asks questions to employees such as “What is going to make you more successful in doing your job?” and “What can we do to help you?” Our employees are extremely receptive. They open up and find ways to improve on their already exceptional skills. Liz has become such a valuable part of our continued education. To learn more on Liz Davis