Nice letter to Escada praises Arrow Fabricare

The letter following was written to Escada and as you’ll read, it was highly complimentary of Arrow Fabricare’s work and service. Escada kindly forwarded us a copy. The letter follows, but first, here’s a little background on Escada. It is a group of companies that ranks among the worldwide market leaders for ready-to-wear women’s fashion in the high-end segment. ESCADA is sold in over 80 countries worldwide. Arrow specializes in cleaning and restoring high-end garments and leathers, including fashionable handbags like the Escada bag shown below.


This letter to Escada is from their customer, Faith R., Katonah, NY.

“I am very grateful to Escada because 20 years ago I bought a black and white “zebra” like jacket which was quite expensive. It was quite a stretch for me financially since I had just graduated from business school.

“About a week after I bought it, I was taking the bus to work and sat on a seat that had water on it and the black ran into the white. Naturally, I was devastated. I took the jacket back and told there were no more jackets to replace it, but you offered to clean it. I was extremely skeptical about your ability to clean it properly given the extent of the stain. About two weeks later I received the jacket back from Arrow Fabricare Services in Kansas City. The jacket was perfect and I was thrilled. Since that time I have sent any hard-to-handle problem with my clothing to Arrow and they have never disappointed me (including recently re-weaving 35 cashmere sweaters for me when moths attacked my closet).

“Earlier this summer I was wearing a black and white Escada skirt when I was watering my plants and the skirt got wet and the black ran into the white. I spoke with the store manager on the phone about the situation and she was not particularly helpful. I sent the skirt to Arrow and they spent one month working on it and restored it to its original elegance.

“I wanted to take the time to tell you this story because while I thought the way this was handled by the store in New York was not particularly professional, I do have you to thank for introducing me to Arrow many years ago. They do remarkable work and if you ever have clients who need work done, they really do an outstanding job. Thank you.”

Many thanks to Ms. Faith R. for her kind words. She is one of over 10,000 customers nationwide that put their trust and faith and treasured garments in our care every year.