Reprinting a Facebook post from a very happy customer

This story and photographs are from an Arrow customer who was hoping for a miracle:


“I need your prayers this week. For what? The weirdest thing you can imagine.

“I took my family heirloom 1920s? full length Bear Skin Coat and Mittens (yes mittens) to Arrow Cleaners today for cleaning and a little preservation. This awesome and unique item hung in my parents attic closet for decades, then about 10 years ago my parents asked us kids if there was anything we wanted in the house. I said, “Yes, the bearskin coat.” Everyone simultaneously went, “The what?”

“As the story goes, the bear was shot on my great grandfather’s farm in central KS and they made a coat, and mittens, out of it. I was pretty skeptical about that story, but the label inside says “Three Rivers Robe Tannery”. According to old ads on the internet, they actually specialized in having people send in hides to be made into robes and coats. Hmmm.

“So Arrow is not sure what will happen to this coat when cleaned, and I know if anyone can clean it they can, but it might be just too dry and get more damaged.

“So pray for my Bear Skin Coat and Mittens to come back glistening and beautiful, and not in bits that I have to make a bearskin pillow out of. Thanks.

Bob S. – Kansas City



So, my post above was a few weeks ago and we picked up my Bear Skin Coat and Mittens today. Arrow, you are amazing. I would have never thought this coat could actually go from 50 years in my parents attic, to actually luxurious. You are miracle workers and I am sure you spent more time on this than you charged me for.
You have made this family “novelty” truly a family “heirloom. Thank you so much.

Bob S. – Kansas City


Note from Arrow: “Bob you look absolutely marvelous in your newly restored bearskin coat & mittens! Thank you for trusting us with this very precious family heirloom, and thank you for your kind words about Arrow! We are so happy that you were pleased with our work, Warmest regards.