Speaking of holiday formal wear…

…we want you to know that after the season is over and your gown has been cleaned at Arrow, you might want to consider its special storage.

First, we don’t recommend that you store it for long periods in the plastic bag that Arrow provides for temporary, safe transportation purposes. But we DO recommend that you take some steps to protect your special garment from dust and fading and also from insect/mite damage. Insects are often attracted to wools and silks and also cottons and some synthetic fabrics.

We suggest a small investment in Arrow’s “Breathable Garment Bags.” These handy and inexpensive bags come in both short lengths for suits and jackets in long lengths for coats and dresses and gowns. The bags are made of a synthetic fabric mesh that allows its contents to “breathe”. This quality helps extend longevity of the garment.

“Breathable Garment Bags” can be purchased on-line at a modest cost in either short or long sizes. Purchases in quantities of 10 or more is possible at even lower cost.