Substainability & Renewable Resources

Sustainability, and Renewable Resources!

Green technology continues to be very important here at Arrow, so taking advantage of the opportunity presented to us from Brightergy earlier this year to install solar energy panels on the roof of our 26,000 square foot main facility just made perfect sense for us.

Thanks to Brightergy, a grant from KCP&L, Federal tax credits, this investment was clearly a no-brainer! The payback on our investment will begin immediately, once the system is hooked up, and put online by KCP&L. We have been a participant in KCP&L’s Demand Response Incentive program M Power, since 2008, but the solar energy project presented a far greater opportunity for us to help the environment, while also helping us control energy costs.

We are continually looking for ways to make our business more environmentally friendly, through instituting green cleaning systems, such as GreenEarth® solvent, and new wet-cleaning systems, also by lowering our water consumption, recycling of paper, cardboard, poly bags, plastics, etc. We have upgraded equipment for greater efficiency, such as our new low energy lighting system in 2010, and our new high efficiency boiler in 2011 which improved our natural gas usage by 50%, to help control our costs of doing business and in addition to that we get to help the environment, what a great win-win! Now as we enter our 100th year in business, our future is looking brighter than ever!