What’s in a tagline?

We use this slogan in our advertising. But do we really live by it, and believe it?

“With every garment, every employee, and every customer, Arrow cares.”
What I mean is; who cares? Who is Arrow? I’ll tell you who I think Arrow is…

  • I think it is all of us.
  • I think it is our customer service people on the phones, and at the counter who take care to make our customers feel important, and that we care about meeting and exceeding their needs.
  • I think it’s our check-in staff that takes extra care to make sure that our customer’s requests are followed, and take special care to make sure that fragile hardware is covered or removed.
  • I think it’s our route men that make sure our customers get their specials when requested, and go out of their way to make our delivery service convenient and courteous.
  • I think it’s our cleaners, and finishers in every department that work so hard to remove spots, and wrinkles, and make their favorite garments look like new.
  • I think it’s our restoration staff who is so careful and compassionate to families after they have suffered a sometimes devastating event, and help them put some order and comfort back in their lives.
  • I think it’s our managers, and supervisors who work so hard to balance the responsibility of getting the work done, while looking after the welfare of their staff, all within the restrictions of the budget.

And for me, it means that as the owner of Arrow, I care about all of our employees, all of our customers, and their garments. I care about the environment, and the community that we live in, and I believe that if we all live by our “Arrow Cares” motto, we will always have loyal, happy customers, and a successful business!

Bruce Gershon, CEOArrow Fabricare Services